Knife Care and Info

Always store custom knives clean and dry. Stainless steel can rust.

NEVER PUT A CUSTOM KNIFE IN THE DISHWASHER. And please tell your mother-in-law this info when she comes to visit.

We make our knives with thin, hard edges, to ensure exceptional performance. That also means that you should take some care to avoid edge damage. For instance, no hacking through bones. The edge will chip. Also, don’t leave your knife in the sink and then set a heavy pot on it. It will break. Just trust us on that one.

Most handle materials will require occasional care to keep their appearance. Mineral oil or paste wax will restore the finish of most woods and synthetic materials.

Sharpening: we recommend using the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker to keep your knives sharp. That thing works great.

AEBL Stainless Steel: this is one of our favorite steels. It comes from Sweden and most razor blades in the world are made from it. It is an excellent cutlery steel,

Z-Finit Nitrogen Stainless Steel: also called LC200N, this steel has the best combination of rust-resistance, edge performance, and affordability, of any steel on the planet. It is virtually rustproof.